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Young fitness women be aware of elderly ladies, that look respectable at first when they " meet " you at the sauna on your health club, and they are so manipulative and convincing that in a few days you'll find yourself trainning them for just a promisse of pay " when they get their tax income refund " or when they sell some property out of the state. You will innocently think that their recurrent touching you body and your skin in an awkward manner and saying inconvenient things are just going to go away, but they never did. Be aware that to scape from the money they owe you, they will conspire and try anything to get the person out of their reach. Scammers 101 tactics. Manipulative liers act according to her book. She is a *** artist disguised as an elderly lady that will try to pass as your friend, or " mommy " . Nauseating. The worst part of the trainning was to listen that she was " envious of her own daughter ", " that her man, her guy ( David ) as she calls hin, has had a facelift, is a gambling addict and an alcohollic that cheats on her with the Mount Dora Publix Deli lady that " cuts the cheese. " And tells her to stay on the Tampa area Casinos, that he is a regular at, parking lots waiting on the vehicle while he gambles and loses the night away surrounded by hookers ( all according to her " confessions " ). She is a farse, one of the most manipulative lying individuals on the face of the earth. Bad breath, bad hygiene habits, she preys on the young and compassionate for her so called " sad situation" . She is a *** artist. Maybe that is the reason for her " hiding " on some unknown Florida piece of land. Maybe she is wanted? I should have had a clue when she said " I envy my own daugther" . SHE WILL CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTIN ABOUT THE MEANING OF " Old *** ". Her blind daughter on law, now I can respect her opinion. She was right about Diane. Pay me what you owe. Don't try to get me out of the picture somehow just toI hope that you, Diane, can put your large jabber Jaws to  rest on any pillow after all of what you have tried to prepare for me, co participating with criminals. Can you really sleep at night? After all of what you have done to people that only believed on you?


That is filthy. Have you ever thought of yoursef as liable for all that information you have fed my stalker with? When you avoided me in that Gym ( see attendances ) for your own financial reasons.  

You don`t seem to care right??? As long as you have your wine ( s ) to drink ( quite a lot of it ).

get away from your debts with me. You know is a lot more than some small claims garbage.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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I guess old people think that they can just get away with crimes


I hope she is proud of herself. Wow. Despicaple horse


I came across this website by chance. If this is the same woman from LA Fitness on California, I guess you guys don't have a hot tub at the Gym facility down there on Florida, because she was famous for her hot tub flings with the guys.

She is an embarrassment to older women everywhere, she tried to " chat it up " my husband on one of her Gym hot tub times.

She is despicable. And for all accounts have not changed, maybe for the worst.


Excrement always hang together. when a latrine is flushed they all get together below the surface and hang tight in that same box.


My favotite part was to watch her imitating the shades indoors and the wardrobe when her body is shaped like a football.

Can't compete with that ma'am.


Leave the old woman alone, she is just scaly dry on places and felt jealous. She just didn`t pay for her trainer`s hours, so what?

she didn`t rob a bank or nothing like that.

Cut her some slack, she wanted some attention, she is old, no one would care for her hadn`t her known some hot piece, c`mon now people. We`ve all sem her here.


That doesnt make her look any younger or cooler,just makes her look like the loser she is.some resented old bag that gets away with crime


Maybe she already knew where to go in Florida. Maybe she too even had a friend on the court system that suggested filing a law suit against their own victim, just for extortion of their money and for fun. It is boring in here.


Don`t we all know that already??????





Evil, Envious, Elephant, Equine, take your pick

It all only looks good on her own mind and her gang, an old pig with a gang. Bizarre. I guess she landed on the right Florida County. LOL!!


i saw this woman talking mad stuff about you mid year in that gym when your not around. i thought she was just trying to get some clingers attention.

she was talking to anybody that would give her the time of the day. she got popular by dogging out.

she owes you money? what a dawg

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