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Its all started with some problems in the gold's gym child care. I was asked to not bring my 3yo (I also have an 8yo and 1yo) back into the child care, ever. I wanted to attempt to work something out so I met with the gym manager and the child care manager with my husband a few days later.

During this conversation the manager was rude to the point of telling us we were bad parents by saying 'that's bad parenting' to everything that was being said about my 3yo. He also barely paid attention to us, he was waving and nodding to other members as they were coming and going. This 'meeting' happened just inside the gym doors off to the side of the front desk. The only 'help' he offered was to cancel my membership which I made clear I was not interested in doing.

Towards the end of the conversation the gym manager stopped the child care manager from talking. We were suggesting other options then kicking my 3yo out. He sent her away and asked me again if I would like to cancel my membership. At this point I told him no, that we were trying to work something out and he said its not going to happen and again said I'll just cancel your membership. I AGAIN said no, thats not what I want. So my husband said that the gym manager was just "being an ***" and we asked for a number to reach someone above him.

He said thats it I'm cancelling your membership because you don't call me that in my gym. I stopped him and said look you said we are using 'bad parenting' and he said you are 'being an ***' its the same thing, no?

He refused to give me a phone number for someone above him and gave me an email address. I asked for a corporate number and he said there is none. I asked again and he said I'll give you this number but its just a voicemail and he again stated he was going to cancel my membership. My husband said lets go he is acting like an '*** on steroids' which really set of the manager (why?) He said thats it, the membership will be cancelled and get out of my gym.

We both turned and started walking to the front doors and the manager called to our backs and said "you are just jealous of me"

After this I called the number he gave me. It rang and rang and no voicemail. I went home and emailed the address he had given me and I also emailed gold's through their website.

The next day I went to a different location (Hershey) and spoke to the manager there. He was very helpful and even gave me the number to reach gold's VP. He said he couldn't do anything for me but if I wanted to come to this location I was more then welcome. As soon as we stepped outside I called the number he gave me and left a message with the VP-she called me back right away and we spoke. She apologized for how I was treated and said that I was welcome to go to the Hershey location.

The next day she called me back and said I was 'posting messages all over facebook putting down the company and the Harrisburg manager."

I did in fact post on the main gold's facebook saying I had a bad customer service experience at the Harrisburg location and was treated poorly-I posted something similar to this twice and it was removed from the site both times within minutes. I also posted in my own facebook "so much for gold's gym. bad. bad. bad." and then a few people asked what happened and I said 'the manager was an *** and the child care sucks' Just stating my own opinions on my own facebook.

I received an email that evening from the Harrisburg gold's gym manager stating that gold's as a franchise was going to take legal action against me "as a result of "Defamation of Character" and "Cyber Bullying"."

Since that email I have yet to hear more from the company.

Review about: Golds Gym International Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $29.

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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States #686469

Had some accounting and overcharging problems at the Harrisburg location. The front office manager who dealt with the problem was rather snide, even though the mistake was theirs.

Although the problem was eventually fixed their attitude seemed to be that that as a good consumer I should have been watching what they were doing more carefully.

I suggest that anyone who goes here do just that. "Buyer beware" is always a good motto for the consumer but a business should not adopt it as an excuse for their mistakes.


I don't know about child care rules in the US here in Ontario there are some exceptions to having certified care givers with background checks. Gold's gyms here have students with no training and no background checks done watching up 16 kids at a time with only two care givers. I have witnessed parents treated poorly because these people are inexperienced and should one child act like a kid, they have no clue how to deal with so its taken out on the parents.


I am also having problems at the same gym, but mine stem from a general lack of cleanliness. I have never dealt with the management there, but in my six months of membership I have watched conditions deteriorate into a health hazard. The tipping point was when I went to the gym on Tuesday morning and saw *** smeared across the back of the toilet. I came back on Thursday and saw that they hadn't been cleaned.

Obviously, I decided never to go back. Now Gold's billing company is trying to charge me a fee of over $200 for breaking a two-year contract that until now, I did not know I signed.

I contacted corporate headquarters with some photos of the premises and have not heard back. I have, however, talked to the Harrisburg manager. He said he had only been on the job for two days, and he too was shocked by the conditions of the gym. He said he would help me cancel my contract without occurring fees, but that has not happened yet. I plan on doing everything in my power to make sure it does happen.


My son was kicked out because of different occasions they said they had to put him in time out for normal 3yo behavior ie not sharing, climbing on the table and chairs. My issue was not actually about him getting kicked out but with the manager and his treatment of us from the beginning when I was just trying to find a solution.

I suppose I didn't make it clear how he treated me. The fact that he would say I am jealous of him or that I am a bad parent is just not good customer service.


...what you or your child/children did involving child care exodus. You did not seem to talk about what happened to cause the meeting.

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