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I think that everyone should be alerted about how Gold's Gym is a major scam company. They lie to their customers and have broken many Deceptive Trade Practices Act laws. This law protects consumers from unlawful practices of deception and purpose confusion that business advertise in able to gain profit.

I signed up with the Culver City Gold's in April. When I signed up, I was told that if I get three people to sign up and they pay the first 3 months, I would ONLY have to pay $39 for my first 3 months, then I would get the rest of the year free. That is what the sales associate and manager told me. I agreed that that was a fair deal and signed up. When I was signing the ELECTRONICAL contract, the sales associate told me that I can skip ahead and sign at the bottom. I did so. He then printed the contract our and immediately put it in a folder and sent me on my way. I got my mom, aunt, and best friend to sign up with the gym, so the manager told my mom, aunt and myself that I now have the pay 3 months/rest of year free deal. I was so happy. With me being a young college student, with my only income being that of financial aid, it was the perfect deal. After 3 months of all of us going, I was relieved that I didn't have to pay anymore. Everything was dandy until I saw that they billed me for the fourth month! I called the gym and told them that there must be a mistake and they then "CLAIMED" that I was under a pay for one year and then get a second ear free contract! I was furious! THAT WAS NOT WHAT THEY TOLD ME!!!!! I went home and looked at my contract and yeah, that was what was put on the contract. I was, however, repulsed with how they lied to me. I had trusted them with the deal they "TOLD" me and to find out they lied to me, it sickened me. It then dawned on me that they never even explained the contract with me! I ask around, and a lot of people came forward and told me that the gym didn't go over their contracts either. They just say sign and that's that. They go over what they want you to hear and then do a whole other thing!

I went looked online for Gold's Gym complaints and was ASTONISHED with how many complaints this gym had against them. They whole company is a huge FRAUD! I read many stories about how they use false advertising and how they say things to confuse their clients about the terms of their contracts. Their staff is trained to lie and tell you untrue things just to get you to come in. However, they are breaking the Deceptive Trade Practices Law! They've been sued and had some of their locations across the United States shut down. However, the big question is why are they still breaking laws and scamming people?

I want people to know about this fraud of a gym and to STRONGLY warn them to NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS PLACE! I also want them to be exposed for what they really are!

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North Hollywood, California, United States #1281119

The mess me up too with a 69 plan a month and I can cancel when ever I want so I wanted to cancel and there telling me I cant cancel and I have to pay 99 month plan they did didn't tell me about what can I do they lied to me

Utica, New York, United States #743547

So they should pay for your mistakes? Nothing alerted you to an issue if you really been told you were getting an entire year free after the first 3 paid months?

Your story is the same false tale that everyone tells who just wants out of contracts they committed to. You need to be exposed for who you really are before Golds Gym is brought into the light.

to Michael Los Angeles, California, United States #1281615

My story is not false, thank you very much! funny how you are quick to assume things when you weren't there.

Was not MY mistake. It had to do with integrity than just getting out of a contract. And since you were not there and have no clue what happened, I advise you to keep your negative feelings to yourself. Probably just a Golds Gym employee who is but hurt that someone wrote a negotiate review about your precious gym.

And btw: this is a website for "PISSED CUSTOMERS", so if are not a pissed customer, take your business elsewhere. Thank you!

Orem, Utah, United States #582471

I had a similar thing happen to me, I called golds gym in bountiful utah & told them I was looking to start going to a gym but not looking to sign a contract & would they be able to help me with that. The guy told me yes & I was meeting up with him an hour later.

He would rush thru what each paper said & explain it to me & I would sign. I thought I was signing papers about them not being liable if I was hurt & what not. I thought I could trust them. Somehow I signed a 2 year contract without even knowing.

I am a single mother & now 30% of my income is being garnished for Thousands.

They tricked me. Huge scam that has majorly affected my life


ALSO lied to. Considering class-action.

Collection agent is telling me that a Gold's Gym contract CANNOT be altered! CANNOT, people. If your sales rep attaches another document outlining your specific 'deal,' or alters the contract itself and initials it...according to the collection agent IT HAS NO EFFECT ON THE CONTRACT.

In addition to the monthly membership fees I've ALREADY paid, I'm being forced to pay THOUSANDS of dollars because any additional documents the rep drew up have NO effect on the 2-year contract drawn up for me. Don't ever sign a contract for gym just shouldn't have to pay for facilities you may/may not use, and there doesn't appear to be any protection for you the member/buyer.


They seriously need to be put out of business. They are such a *** company.



Gold's Gym is a scam!! They are still scamming people in 2012! I have a signed contract from them and they are refusing to abide by the contract.

to Stephany Utica, New York, United States #743752

Do you understand the definition of the word scam? Or did your last year of schooling in the 5th grade before you dropped out leave you with such a limited vocabulary that you now have no ability to properly express yourself.

You pay for a service and they give it to you.

It is not their fault that you have totally unreasonable expectations. I bet you haven't even read the contract and cannot make any kind of a claim that they are not abiding by it.

to Mike Chicago, Illinois, United States #752180

Sounds like someone works for Gold's gym here, Mike... Rather than contesting allegations with anything rational you simply demean the people making the complaints.

I would argue that most people dumb or not realize that they have been scammed after the scam reaches a certain degree. The allegations stated in many of these posts have merits and statutes that are meant to protect the consumer against such illegal practices.

815 ILCS 510/2) (from Ch. 121 1/2, par. 312) Sec.

2. Deceptive trade practices. (a) A person engages in a deceptive trade practice when, in the course of his or her business, vocation, or occupation, the person: (1) passes off goods or services as those of another; (2) causes likelihood of confusion or of misunderstanding as to the source, sponsorship, approval, or certification of goods or services; (3) causes likelihood of confusion or of misunderstanding as to affiliation, connection, or association with or certification by another; (4) uses deceptive representations or designations of geographic origin in connection with goods or services; (5) represents that goods or services have sponsorship, approval, characteristics, ingredients, uses, benefits, or quantities that they do not have or that a person has a sponsorship, approval, status, affiliation, or connection that he or she does not have; (6) represents that goods are original or new if they are deteriorated, altered, reconditioned, reclaimed, used, or secondhand; (7) represents that goods or services are of a particular standard, quality, or grade or that goods are a particular style or model, if they are of another; (8) disparages the goods, services, or business of another by false or misleading representation of fact; (9) advertises goods or services with intent not to sell them as advertised; (10) advertises goods or services with intent not to supply reasonably expectable public demand, unless the advertisement discloses a limitation of quantity; (11) makes false or misleading statements of fact concerning the reasons for, existence of, or amounts of price reductions; (12) engages in any other conduct which similarly creates a likelihood of confusion or misunderstanding.

(b) In order to prevail in an action under this Act, a plaintiff need not prove competition between the parties or actual confusion or misunderstanding. (c) This Section does not affect unfair trade practices otherwise actionable at common law or under other statutes of this State.

to law student Los Angeles, California, United States #1281782

Thank you Law student! Finally someone can explain this to ignorant Mike!

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