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I am writing this to see if you would like to take our case against Gold's Gym Hollywood.

My friend Claudio and I both had rediculously humiliating and unfair experince with Gold's Gym Hollywood within a year.

My encounter was so shocking to make me choose not to go there ever again, they mistreat me and discriminate me for be 65 years old , they did not let me use the bathroom in an emergency situation.

Claudio is a VIP member there for many years and works out there almost daily as his main gym, and he has referred many people (including me) through the years to go there , yet they punished him by not allowing him to use that location again due to a complaint made by Claudio because he was being shouted by and then was "given the middle finger" by one of their staff member when Claudio was standing away from the rain by the door waiting for his ride on a rainy night, and that staff member was in charge of locking the door.

I wrote a letter on Claudio's behalfafter the manager at Gold's Gym Hollywood claimed their decision was "final" without discussing with Claudio about the incident at all. Claudio also called them and wrote them after he recieved the so-called "final" (in fact the first and the only) decission in an email.

Please let us know what you think.


Ben Wang

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I think its pretty hilarious that the person that responded to this is talking about grammar when they can't spell worth a *** themselves. They are also not using correct punctuation and had a million run on sentences!


I know that gold gyms hollywood have a internal secret policy that make avoid them to sell membership to old and obese people


First I would like to comment that if you are trying to pursue this matter that you brush up on your grammar, if you can not effectively present yourself you will not be taken seriously. Next I do not know what your emergancy situation was based on the lack of information you presented which was none so I can not help or comment on that.

Now as far as the story for you and your friend it would seem and I know from experience as would a judge that you are not telling the whole story and this is not good for your lawyer. The last thing a lawyer wants or needs is to find out that their client has lied or withheld important information from them. So with the information that you have given me about your friend the gym closed, the staff member closing, more than likely the front desk associate, told your friend it was time to go and he is locking up. I could also speculate that he repeatedly told him but speculating is not nessecary.

Your friend refused to leave and at that point he is trespassing and refusing to leave which is a arrestable crime. I also know that gyms have rules and regulation that they and members must follow and you sign stating that you understand and will follow these rules and if you don't you will be denied acess and membership without refund. Also as for the staff giving your friend the middle finger as soon as the gym closed your friend was on that person's time and is no longer conciderd a employee on duty, and since he is no longer on shift it is no longer a Golds Gym offense because the only reason he is still there is because your friend is refussing to leave. Remember any business astaishments will have their hours of operation posted and how you get to and from there is not their responsibility it is yours.

We are adults act like one and conduct yourself in a matter that you should not as most do. Lastly if you really want somebody to take your case this is not the place but where is is at a lawyer's office; but I can tell you your case will not get far if anyone takes it at all and you will be stuck with legal fees and if on your contact the gym's legal fees as well and companies tend to have pricey attarneys. Also if you try a small claims court just as I have stated open and close case and you will get some words from the judge stating you need to act like a adult from them as well. This may come off as brutal but this is straight to the point truthfulness, as in law or military we are straightford and exclude baby talk most civilians are use to, hope this helps.


this is the gramer and way you would want to present yourself otherwise you just lost the case. If you fall into the category as your friend well then both of you have no case.

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