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On january of this year i went to golds gym here on Commerce california and i met a personal trainer and i told him that i was interested in some training sessions. He told me that the price was going to be 25$ a session so i agreed. I end up getting 24 sessions for a total of 3 months a total of 600 dollars. But now last week he told me that he me st up because supposly there was another guy with the same last name as i was so he put me in a contract of 6 months instead of three. So according to corporate i still owe 600 more dollars! plus the dam month. I told him that we had agreed it was going to be for 3 months. So basically he first told me that i mind as well continue with the sessions and pay 100 a month instead of cancelling. But i told him that i don not want more sessions, so he reply by sayng that i could pay 200 more dollars and than i could cancel. So what do you guys think? Should i pay 200 dollars because he mes-st up according to him?. I want to cancel everything in that gym, but i don't think i could do it until i pay everything. plus Since ive been in this gym problems have arise, not only is the trainer irresponsible but in moral. Since i was there i remember once that i had a session in the morning, and he cancelled me because he had something important to do, i told him that it was ok that i understand, but 10 minutes later i see him working out with a women, and talking to another guy, plus he is not professional he just goes with the flow, he even talks bad about his clients and laughs about other people.( Like look at that fat *** or that pencli neck!). Basically i always tried to keep it cool, i hate having problems with people, but anyways later i changed trainers, but by the time i just had 11 sessions left. This trainer is more educated than the previous one does, he cares more about the client, but he also canceled me a couple times too, because he had to prioritize another client when i had payed 600 dollars in advanced. The only thing i am not disappointed with is with the workouts. THEY WERE VERY BRUTAL, AND I AM NO NEWBIE IN FITNESS IVE BEEN TRAINING FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS. so please guys i need your opinion on this, and by the way The issue is with the previous trainer and he wants me to pay this month, but the problem is that i am not working and i can afford it, i am actually in college and almost done with the finals, ive been applying like crazy for job applications but still haven't been called. I understand that everybody makes mistakes, but this mistake brought me problems. In reality i am starting to smell rat, I've been warned by another members in the gym of what a scams this people are in the gym, but i did not listen. Also i hope i was not put in a contract too when signifying in for the months, the representative told me i was month to month. But this is what i get for joining a corporate gym, the only thing this people care is about getting money out of your pocket, i know that not everybody is like that, but most are. That is the dirty secret of the fitness industry.

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Monetary Loss: $1200.


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ps: if they can't produce a copy of a contract for training with your signature you don't owe them a thing !It's all about them providing you with proof and your signature.


Do you have a copy of the training contract.Doctored documents are not uncommon in this industry ( specially with Golds ) If not ask for a copy of the contract, look for changes written on it.

If these changes do not have your initial beside them then they have been done afterthefact and you are not accountable. Any type of change to a legal document must have your initial. Otherwise the document is recongnized in its original form with your signature and changes are not acknowledged. Of course if you point this out to them they will obviously try to say they forgot to get your initial, no good its just a big lie and the changes are not legal.

If they tell you they can't find a copy they are definately hinding something and Gold's is very good for that to.I know, I used to work for them and they ripped me off to.

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